Please my adsense account was disabled

QuestionsCategory: General QuestionsPlease my adsense account was disabled
doncyber Staff asked 2 years ago

Hi guys. I was accepted into adsense around July 2015 and by second week of April 2017 my account was disabled due to what google termed invalid click activity. I have been trying to appeal, all to no avail. I want to know if there is any other way to reapply and not get disabled or should i work on my traffic before trying to reapply. Does disabling my account mean i will never participate in adsense again?

doncyber Staff replied 2 years ago

Once your account is disabled for invalid clicks, its almost impossible to get the account back because in this case, your appeal will likely be rejected.

Google doesnt expect you to partake in the program ever again but Ive seen cases of people being able to successfully register again even after being suspended.

I must inform you that this in itself is risky: If Google somehow manages to link your new account to the suspended one, its likely theyll suspend you a second time.

By the way, you can send me an email through the sites contact page, I may have an advice or two to give.

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